• Lost in California Diners

    May 1st, 2010adminUncategorized


    Banana Leaf Tamales

    I’m writing this blog to give “lost” a better name.

    Yes, “lost.” In the 14th century, the word was synonymous with “defeated” or “wasted.” And now it’s some breech of cool – lost in the crowd, lost on back roads, lost in life.

    But I’ve had a different experience with the word. Honestly, I’ve been lost too many times. And it’s been a good ride. Now that I’m moving to Turkey, I expect to be lost again.

    Okay, I don’t expect this blog to rival Perez Hilton. Thank god. But this will be my tiny space, in the vast void of the Internet, and I hope some of you will enjoy the “journey.”

    Tomorrow, I’m heading for Los Angeles – land of freeways, late-night diners, Mexican street food, rhinoplasty, boho 12 year olds, health gurus, cult masterminds, legitimate freaks, divine Persian food, gnarly beaches and aspiring actresses (currently employed at your local coffeehouse).

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