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    May 16th, 2010adminArt, Food, History, Los Angeles

    I have been in LA for just over a week now. Below, I just listed some things I have done (below), which may be of general interest.

    Things I have done in LA (so far):

    FRIDAY NIGHT – Went to the Venice Art Walk, a monthly art event. The Walk extends down Abbot Kinney Boulevard, which is  flooded with food trucks, including Korean-style burritos (!). My friend, Emily, commented that the food truck phenomenon is a copy-cat of the scene in Austin, TX.  Anyway, this was an outdoor, street event — always a good thing in my book. The crowd was more of a general, West LA hodge-podge than an elite entourage of art scenesters.

    SATURDAY – Visited the Getty, which has a fantastic panoramic view of LA, & saw the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. Loved da Vinci’s sketches — brilliant illustrations of profiles juxtaposed with undoubtedly prodigious inventions. Aphorisms scribbled on sheets & everything so lovely… How do/did people like this exist? Who is our da Vinci today?

    TUESDAY – Persian sandwiches & ash soup (divine!) at Attari Sandwich, the first Persian restaurant to open in Westwood, followed by a visit to the Hammer Museum for the Red Book of Carl Jung exhibit. The illustrations were truly beautiful; my friend, Saewon, took pictures.

    Jung, Red Book

    Jung, Red Book

    Also attended a talk with Bill Viola that evening at the Hammer, which was surprisingly calming. He talked with some New York psychologist/professor on the mind, symbolism, spirituality. I came to the “conversation” with no expectations &  found Viola to be very approachable and real.

    Demon, Aztec Pantheon

    Demon, Aztec Pantheon

    WEDNESDAY NIGHT – Upright Citizen’s Brigade — a nice, local comedy experience for only $5.

    FRIDAY — Visited the Getty Villa to see the Aztec Pantheon exhibit, which I recommend. Two highlights were the 1) the “tzitzimit1l” (demon) with his liver protruding from his ribcage (see below) and 2) the “cihuacoatl” goddess/serpent woman. It was also fascinating to see which Roman gods the Europeans pairs with which Aztec mythological figure. Some seemed wildly off, a product of Eurocentricism & the false assumption that Roman gods could serve as universal archetypes. But, on the other hand, there were some interesting comparisons, like placing Quetzalcoatl (the supreme god) with the god, Mercury, rather than the expected Jupiter (the Roman supreme god).

    SATURDAY (tonight) — Just got back from The Hollywood Forever Movie Screening & watched THE WIZARD OF OZ. As corny as it sounds, the movie made me emotional (!) — the whole idea of a new land, one that’s removed from “reality.”

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