• No More Excuses

    July 20th, 2010adminIstanbul, Uncategorized

    Now that I’ve been here a month, there’s no excuse NOT to write. In fact, so much has happened — and it deserves recording. But I won’t bore anyone with the minutiae of my daily life. In short: I have a new apartment and a new job. I’m taking Turkish classes and I have a social life again. So, I can now properly blog.

    My new neighborhood, much like Istanbul, is a frenzied mix of old and new. I walked down Hasan Sokak today, heading toward my apartment. On the way, an old man steered his horse-drawn watermelon cart. And I passed cell phone shops, baklava vendors, and bored-looking men, smoking menthols. The horse-drawn cart isn’t common. It rarely happens. But, most often, I encounter the “old” as a constant fixture of every day life — the slower pace of things, the extended tea breaks, the hospitality.

    This country is changing quickly. Will there be horse-drawn watermelon carts in Istanbul in 10 years?

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