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    I’m a writer, chronic traveler and sociable nerd. In March 2013, I returned to the United States after three years in Istanbul, Turkey to begin a new adventure: learning to code at Hackbright Academy in San Francisco!


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  • Lans, you are inspiring and I will miss you beyond your vast comprehensive capabilities. I already do. Maybe every time you see the necklace, you can try to sign on to Skype to chat with me.

    Love, Taya Peed

  • Ilana!!
    Wonderful to see that you’re having some adventures abroad, exploring and writing! I enjoyed read your witty and entertaining entries this foggy East Bay afternoon and I’ll return to read your updates. I hope you are well and keep up the great work! Thanks for shairng!

  • Hi Lani,
    This is GREAT! I love it. So glad you’re doing well. When can I come visit?
    Love, me

  • Hello, you’ve been to BG. Great Sofia, etc. photos. Keep globe-trotting. You interested in history. Go to Greece. You will love it.

    Elena from BG

    • Hi Elena,

      I visited Greece last summer and loved it. I definitely plan to go back soon, hopefully to Crete. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  • Since power is something perceived, whom better than the individual to know one’s own power the best. We can only know power by knowing how much power we have. Any act of observing power automatically makes one reflect on how much power one has. As an eternal optimist, you either believe everything will turn out alrite or that by overcoming an inherent barrier (a combination of both physical and mental barriers) you could overcome most problems and struggles.

    But is a struggle one all encompassing struggle that defines our lives? or is struggle broken down into small struggles. Maybe that’s why life is a journey and not a race..

    The individual can only empower themselves and those around them. Despite the popularity of social networks to amplify the number of people you can know, most people are not in the position to influence too many people. For that reason, if we are to give advice to others, we should tell them to empower themselves and be the best human they can be. By focusing on the microcosm, or the part, we can optimize the whole. Instead of the individual struggling to end poverty, they should end poverty in the locale around them.

    But the question then becomes.. do we empower ourselves first (by acquiring money, influence, etc.) first or do we jump right into empowering others?

  • Hi, Lani,

    Love your website! Hope you are thriving and that all is going well for you and yours. Stay in touch.

    Best wishes,


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