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    December 28th, 2010adminGreece, Nature, Religion, Village Life

    Kastraki, Greece: The early evening view from our hotel bedroom. Directly below, you can see the chickens, which the hotel matron fed every day. She was a robust, mostly friendly Greek lady, though, sometimes, she would smile as she cheated us --- ah, Greece, thank you!

    The town of Kastraki, which rests right under the Meteora Mountains. Doesn't it look perfect, like from a dream?

    A monastery for females (yay, nuns!). We talked to one of the nuns, who spoke very good English because she was a former nurse who trained in the USA. She said only "Orthodox fanatics, like me" went to the Meteora monasteries -- an adorable, self-deprecating nun with a sense of humor; fantastic!

    Peeking into a secret world

    A monk picking persimmons -- a mundane, yet quiet and beautiful moment (mostly because he did not notice me, so I could observe him in peace).

    Architectural details, up close

    ...and farther away

    As a cat fanatic, the feline presence at the monasteries really elevated the experience to a whole other level.

    Another cat photo

    Farm life in Kastraki