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  • Hi Lani,

    I love your blog. Have a great time in Istanbul! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    Stay safe and have fun!!



  • I know its taken me over a week to respond to this, but I wanted to say I’m glad you made it there in once piece.

    Second, I’m on the job hunt again too, so I feel where you’re coming from.

    I’m sure you’ll be employed in no time, and I’m glad you’re getting acclimated well.

    My favorite part of this entry was your realism on the different emotions that come with traveling somewhere new and different.

    I hope you’re doing well =)


  • Hey,

    So I just read your “Money…” entry. Its kinda crazy one of the many reasons I moved back to NY was to save money for one thing or another and how expensive it can be to live completely on your own.

    Now that I just don’t pay for rent, I’m able to be more flexible in saving money and getting certain “goodies”.

    Its kinda crazy how money works, and where it can drive certain people. I still don’t have a cell phone by choice and I’m glad I don’t shell out for cable or whatnot.

    I’m glad you’re so happy over there and really living it up. I wish I could visit, this place seems a wonderful world away.

    Write back when you can.


  • hey you,

    I know its been a while since I responded to some of your posts. But I’ve been reading them as they came up.

    This one in particular really hit me. To see kids doing that, and you recognizing their innocent habits as children still… it blows my mind. THOUGH, I can’t empathize fully… I wonder what its like to be right there… seeing these kids live their lives…

    I hope you’re doing well… I do think of you, and wonder when you’ll be back. But I’m proud that you’re living it up out there… as best you can… doing what you want. =)


  • Have fun in Bulgaria.

    Stay safe =)

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