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    This is obviously an exact representation of my experience at Hackbright

    Have you ever considered doing something COMPLETELY outside of your supposed “expertise”? Well, in March 2013, I began a program called Hackbright, which trains women to become software engineers. As a writer and entrepreneur, I’ve collaborated with a variety of companies, including start-ups. But I was never the coder. Ever.

    Yet, I wondered: Could I also code?

    Why not?

    I’m currently enrolled in the Spring 2013 Hackbright program, which trains women to become software engineers. Every day, I share a space in Downtown SF with a wonderful mix of people. We have women from across the country — and some, like me, who have come from homes and lives abroad! — to study something very, very new. We hold from a variety of professional backgrounds — finance, marketing, journalism, etc. — and, as we sit down and wrestle with Python every day, we discover some pretty nifty things.

    Check out my Hackbright blog entries.

    For more information on Hackbright, check out the website!

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